Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Warning: potentially emotional and confusing post

Today was one of those draining days.  Everyone had diarrhea of the mouth.  Everyone had a problem.  Some of them were truly awful.  Everyone needed someone to listen to them.    I'm thankful that I'm in a position where I can help people.  If nothing else, I can at listen to them and let them air their troubles.

 Maybe they can work out their problems on their own.  Maybe not.  Either way, tonight I'm exhausted.  I hope I was able to help.  I wish so many times that I had a magic wand and could just fix some of the problems people have.  Sometimes I wonder why they even have those problems.  Why were they chosen to go through that particular trauma?  Why do they have to learn those hard lessons?
The amazing thing to me is the resilience of people.  Someone told me that the particular type of cancer they have been diagnosed with only has a 5% survival rate.  They don't care.  They said that someone has to be in that 5%, so why not them?  I'm cheering them on every step of the way!

Why is the human spirit so amazing?  Why don't we just quit?  Why don't we just give up?  What makes us want to do better, to be better, to try harder?  What makes us get out of bed each day and do the amazing?  And why is it that something that seems so normal to one person, seems so mind blowing to another?    I can train a dog to do completely unnatural things but if you asked me to teach a classroom of kids, both of us would be traumatized.  But to one person, what I can do is mind blowing and to me, it's no big deal.  But when I think of what they can do, I'm in awe.   There was a time I couldn't run past the mailbox and now I've done four ten mile runs in the last five weeks.  I'm even amazed by that.  But, I know people that do that all the time without even thinking twice.

I don't know the answers.  I do know that I'm blessed in so many ways.  My family, my friends, my health, my abilities, the list just keeps going.

Speaking of abilities, Good luck to all who are running the Rock & Roll Marathon this coming weekend!  Mr. P says he'd like to go there and run that race with me-so maybe someday!   That is another amazing thing that many athletes will handle like a walk in the park!!
And if you need some tips, feel free to read my Vegas post from a couple of weeks back!

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  1. The human spirit never ceases to this story of your friend.

    The Ped-egg thingy...I have one, but this chilblain thing is different. The Ped-egg slices off callus...this is all soft, tender, inflamed tissue...the Ped-egg would leave me looking like a bloody mess of raw hamburger! But I do need to file off my calluses anyway...hmmmm...


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