Sunday, November 20, 2011

Before you leave town...

Apparently before you leave Chicago you have to stop at a popcorn place.  They won't let you on a plane if you don't stop.  Seriously.  It's in the airplane policy manual thingy.  Why do you think they x-ray your carry on baggage?  To make sure you have popcorn in it-duh!
These popcorn places have lines out the door.  Not kidding.  All day long.
What's not love about braving the crazy popcorn lines of Chicago??  Oh yeah, except that I don't like crowds.  I'm wimpy that way.  I hung in there until we got into the building and then I bailed and ran for the outside world where I wasn't elbow to elbow with a million complete strangers.  

Mr. P says Garrett's is the best.  He would know.  He's like Mr. Chicago himself except he doesn't live or work there.  (well, not much anyway) 

Scandalously suggestive sign!

Mr. P got our popcorn!!  He's my hero!

Our favorites are the cheese and carmel.  Some folk mix them together.  Not us, that's just wayyyy to "big city" for us to handle.  I imagine it's similar to mixing peanut butter and chocolate.   No Sir, just give us one flavor at a time please.

And with that, we were now free to fly back home!  Thanks Chicago, it was a great time!

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