Monday, November 7, 2011

Not just a kitchen

I realized tonight that my kitchen isn't just a kitchen.  Nope.  It might be the area where we sometimes make food, or what seems to pass as food.

It definitely is the area that houses all our eating utensils and all the dogs vitamins.  There is always stuff in the refrigerator, but it isn't always for humans and it isn't always eatible.   (just ask my mother who is smart enough that she often brings her own food to our house-sad to admit but it's true)

Refrigerator contents, or lack there of...

The kitchen is the area where we dance to music.  I'll even bust a move with the pups, they make great dance partners and they don't care that the only dance I know is the "Minnesota one finger."

It's the area where I do some dog training.  (after all, it houses copious amounts of treats!)
Bunker can jump on the counter from a dead stand still.  It's freaky and not encouraged.   

It's the area where I often pay bills.  Who else has a calculator in their pantry?

It's where we read the mail. Which also explains why there is almost always a pile of it on the counter.

Since Mulligan blew out his knee this past summer and I put that big ugly rug down so he'd have some good footing, it's now the area where I do yoga while my organic eggs are cooking every morning.  (I can only make scrambled or omelets-which are really like stuffed scrambled eggs anyway.)

Mulligan's bum knee, lying on the yoga mat AKA ugly rug

Who knew one room in a home could be so versatile and busy?

What is one of your favorite rooms?

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