Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The game

Ah, now we're to the reason we left our comfy cozy abode and trekked into the wild blue yonder.  The big game.  Before Mr. P, I didn't know of this whole "tailgating" thing.   Apparently, it's a common practice amongst the rest of the real world.  Every football Saturday, they gather in RV's, trucks, cars and basically whatever else they want to and bring copious amounts of food, drink, games and music and have a pre-party before the big pigskin game.   
My favorite: the buckeye cookie
I prefer to call them chocolate covered nut balls!

A pic-wind blown and happy!

Gotta love the band! Go team, go! Boiler Up!

The team really needed this win. They stormed the field like they'd won the Super Bowl!
After the game, we did more tailgating, (this means more nut balls!). One of the other cars left AND left their trash behind. That's not cool. It's not that hard to put your trash or recyclables in a bag. So, I fetched a recycle bag and picked up all their mess. Mr. P took a pic of me saving the world. I don't know how I stay humble...

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