Friday, November 25, 2011

Gobble Gobble Turkey Day 5K Recap Thingy

Gobble Gobble!!  Yesterday I drove a billion miles (ok, like an hour) to Pammy's house and then we headed downtown to the Turkey Day 5K!  It was Pam's first official race.  I'd heard that there are approximately fourteen thousand  people that attend this thing, but really?  That's like a crazy high number for little ol' Minneapolis.  Um-news flash-there are like fourteen thousand people that attend.  Seriously.  Since I don't drive downtown for the better health and well being of the assumingly good people that hang out down there, I made Pam drive. After all,  she is big city and all that.  And I thought she knew downtown like the back of her hand-and she does, but she doesn't actually know what the streets are, she just knows how to get where she wants to go.  Very much like me when I give directions. "Turn at the green house with the chicken barn.." This did cause me some mild inner panic until I remembered that when Pam decides to accomplish a task, it will be done.  Like finding a parking ramp and getting to our run.   Thankfully, we didn't have any issues zipping into the correct parking garage (and forgetting where we left the vehicle) and then we just followed all the people that looked like they were also turkey day runners.  
I thought I was all super cool getting the 2011 number until I realized that EVERYONE got that number!
(looks like everyone is as cool as I am!-HA!)

After we got funneled into the Target Center and then back onto the street, we ended up in line for the start of the race.  Did I mention all the people??  There was great energy from the crowd and the weather was awesome-low forty's.  When the race started, it took us over nine minutes to GET to the starting line!  And then we were off!!
"Holy crowds Batman!"

Like I said, this was Pam's first race and it was only my third, but I'm really thinking I don't like to race.  I suspect it has to do with my aversion to random crowds of people.  I really don't think they're necessary.  But there we were, amongst the crowds of pilgrims and turkeys, all huffing and puffing together.  Pam and I became somewhat experts at dodging the people walking,  admiring the racing costumes, mooning over the people with their dogs (could you imagine what Bunker would have done-eek!)  and let's just face it, anyone with a stroller scared the living daylights out of us.  NO ONE WANTS TO GET CLIPPED BY A STROLLER! 
The course took us down by the river.
Some runners and city buildings of which I don't know the names...

The miles passed quickly and we had a fun! I'm not sure what our time ended up being because in my mostly zombie state of leaving the house, I forgot my garmin, and I really don't care.  I think Pam said we were in the 37 minute range.  We then headed back to Pammy's house (after finding our car!) because I had to get back and make cream cheese frosting for my pumpkin bars that we had to bring to our local Thanksgiving celebration.

Me and Pam in rare turkey form
(In order of appearance) 

It was a great way to start out a great day!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  There is so much to be thankful for in our lives!

Soon she'll make me wear raindeer antlers....

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