Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Socks and Pumpkin Smoothies

Anyone that knows me, I mean really knows me, knows that my favorite gift to receive is a pair of socks.  I know it's not fancy and most even consider it boring, but I love getting new socks.  I love putting on a pair of new socks.  I love how soft and gushy they feel right off the bat.  Even better, I love it when I don't have to pay for them.  Socks seem to me like that odd thing to purchase, similar to belts and eyelash curlers.  You should probably have them, but hate to spend money on them.

But ('cause there's always a but) recently the craze amongst runners/athletes is the concept of compression socks.  apparently they help reduce muscle fatigue and promote faster muscle recovery after hard workouts.  Since they're all the rage, I had to check them out.  My friend Pam has some and she says she loves them.  Go do an internet search and you'll read the same thing.  All these people can't be wrong, can they?  I happened to find a deal on schwaggle (similar to groupon) and scored a pair of compression socks for half price.  (like $30-free shipping) There's the other thing, they're expensive.  I've never spent that much on a pair of socks-ever.

But a company called SLS3 had these super cute butterfly socks and I just couldn't resist.  I ordered the blue ones ('cause I like blue, just like my mother) but haven't worn them until today.  From what I understand, compression socks will do you the most benefit if worn during the exercise or directly after the exercise.  I've opted for wearing them after my ten mile run today.  (yes, that was ten, not a typo)  (which I totally rocked by the way!)  (not to brag-ha!)

All wrapped up!

I had to get a butterfly shot!

Does anyone remember those footie nylon thingys?  Do they still make those?  In order to put them on, you had to kinda roll them up into a big circle and then just put them over your toes and then kinda zig zag the rest of them over your foot and up your ankle.  Well, news flash, compression socks seem to have the same kind of application.  It took me five minutes and three broken fingernails to figure this out.  But I got them on, and I have to admit, they feel pretty good.   I've had them on all day.  I'm hoping taking them off won't be as big of an ordeal.   Has anyone else tried compression socks/gear?  What are your thoughts?

I also tried Jess's Pumpkin Smoothie today!!  It's pretty good!  I had to laugh, as I was mixing it up, Mr. P hollered downstairs, "Are you making margaritas?"  Maybe next time dear!

Pumpkin smoothie!

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