Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our UPS guy is cooler than yours....

Like I mentioned before, we get lots of packages delivered here.  Yesterday was no exception.  Peter, our super cool UPS guy showed up at about six thirty last night.  I'm not sure what kind of crazy route this guy has, but he's often at our place later in the day like that.  I always secretly hope it's his last stop before home.  
Not Peter's truck, but you get the idea...

I was outside, just getting ready to take Bunker for his evening walk/bark-a-thon when the loud brown truck pulled in the driveway.  I don't know about you, but my dogs have a love/hate relationship with the UPS truck.  I haven't decided if it's because they don't like the way the truck sounds or if it's because Peter usually (ok-always) has dog treats in his pocket.

It was a heavy delivery yesterday, and when Peter came out of the truck with the sixty pound box his brown shorts were soaked.  He was completely soaked from the waist down.  He explained that there was a car accident about a mile from our house.  I had heard sirens about twenty minutes before Peter showed up, so I'm assuming that's where they'd went.  A car had flipped and landed in the river.  I run and bike past this river multiple times a week and I know the water is very high right now.  Someone had called 911 but didn't go into the river to check for the driver.  Peter went into the river and checked on the driver before emergency vehicles even got there.  Upon arrival of emergency medical services and with the situation under control, Peter then went about his day just like normal, delivered my packages and continued on his route.  As if what he'd done was no big deal.  Sadly, the driver of the car didn't survive.  The car must have been there for a little while because Peter told me that when he checked on it, the muffler was barely warm.  It's not a popular road and if you were driving one direction it's possible that you wouldn't have even seen the car in the river.  That's just sad.  I offered him a blanket, (that water couldn't have been warm) but he declined and acted as if it's just something he does every day, like it was no big deal.
This custom drawing looks exactly like him.
He carries heavy boxes, his shorts were wet and he has no hair.
Totally accurate. 

To me it is a big deal.  I'm not sure how to let UPS know that they have a super hero type employee but I'm going to see I can contact them.  They should know.  Not everyone would have done what Peter did.  (although I wish they would)  Obviously my UPS guy is the coolest ever.  Eat your hearts out people, he's ours.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ribbons and fire.

Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to all the service people (and animals) for all that you do to make this such an awesome country!  I love my freedom!

We had a good weekend.  Why?  We went to the BOTC agility trial.  I love this show.  This was the very first agility show that I went to with Cally and Bunker.  It used to held outside in a park and I was terrified of running Cally in an outdoor show without a fenced ring.  Flat out terrified. (she used to flip me the paw and take off)  I still remember our jumpers run.  (I have it on tape too somewhere)  We didn't qualify but I was thrilled.  She stayed with me the entire time.  I was so happy that I started crying.  The funny thing was that I'd asked a guy to tape the run for me and he thought I was crying because I was upset. Typical man-totally not getting it.  (and NO-it wasn't Mr. P-just an agility friend) Mr. P would have totally understood.  Totally.  He's cool like that.  Or well trained.  

Cally sticking her head out of her crate for a photo op.
We always run well at BOTC.  Always.  Maybe that's why I love it.  Maybe not.  Maybe it's because I'm reminded of how far we've come, or because when we're there we seem to just run with simple joy in our hearts. (sounds cheesy but it's true)   I don't know.  Bunker had a perfect day on Saturday, thusly (isn't that a fun word?) qualifying him for the 2013 AKC agility nationals.  Cally had good runs, but she was "sticky."  I think it was because it was storming like crazy and the thunder was shaking the building.  She just wasn't herself.  I may need to look at getting her a thunder shirt.  (they do work by the way) Sunday had good runs but only one Q (that's agility slang for qualifying run-Q).  Today we went three out of four and a double Q (or QQ) for the C-dog.  Considering it was a mere five weeks ago that I was all upset about going two out of fourteen in Sioux Falls, I'd say this was great improvement.

But (why is there always a but?) during our runs today I got a text from Mr. P.  The local paper mill had an explosion.  UUUgh.  That's not cool.  I used to work not very far from there and knew/worked on people that worked there.  It's the kind of thing that instantly makes you sick to your stomach.  How can you celebrate something when other people might be dead or injured?   I decided all I could do was pray. I heard that one person was declared dead and four are injured.  I continue to pray for them and their families.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Not really the classy kinda gal...

I got a text last night from my friend Shannon.  She teaches various work out classes at the community center exactly twelve minutes from my house.  I've used the whole, "I just got home from work, need to spend time with the dogs" line all these years to not go to one of her classes.  Well, that and the fact that some of the classes were during my working hours. But yesterday was one of those days where I didn't get any kind of workout in, unless you count giving glaring looks at people that maybe don't have a drivers license but were still driving on the interstate.  I got a good glaring workout there.  I did managed to keep my hands to myself though.  (pretty proud of that)  Somedays I'd like to put the definition of MERGE on my car.  But I'm sure I'd get a ticket for distracting someone while they were texting, eating and putting on their mascara.  Heaven forbid.
Shannon in all her glory!
I have the classiest friends!  :)

 Shannon gave me the "it'll be fun!" text, so I figured "why not?"   Mr. P cringes when I say that to him.  Whenever I throw out the "it'll be fun!" line, he goes and ups the life insurance.  Go figure.

I was trying to think of the last time I was at an exercise class.  I've got nothing.  Not that I haven't ever been to a gym, but an actually class??  Nope.  I remember one yoga class that I did one time back in the early 2000's but other than that......nada.  So what does a gal bring to one of these workout classes?  I've never even been to the facility.  Do I bring a change of clothes?  Do I shower there? Do I need a lock for a locker?  Sooo many questions, so little time.  After a mad texting exchange (who really talks on the phone anyway?)  it was determined that all I needed was me (got that), water, and a yoga mat if I wanted (got that too).

The class is called HIT or high intensity training.  Mr. P reminded me that Shannon's husband has never, ever called one of her classes "fun" and made Shannon promise that she'd drag my lifeless body home if she killed me.  Whatever.  For some reason, that makes a woman just want to show up and kick a$$.  (what is wrong with us?)

I found the class. It was tough.  I walked the door and said, "I need to find Shannon's class."  The delightful nineteen year old behind the desk just pointed to a room.  It was a piece of cake.  Big sigh of relief from me.

Upon entering the room (which might have been a million degrees to begin with) I noticed three or four other gals getting their "stations" all set up.  Crap.  You need props for this class??  I'm not super coordinated with props. I'm convinced in some dimension, they actually bite.   They all had those aerobic stair step thingys, jump ropes, free weights, resistance bands, exercise balls, mats, water and of course, their yoga mats.  Just me taking that inventory alone had me standing there like a crazy person absorbing what all nine of us (eventually) would be doing for "fun" for the next hour.

I will say this.  I'm not coordinated, and the class was good.  I know I'm that girl that does everything the exact opposite of the rest of the class. The gal that is one step off.  I did smile when I realized that I wasn't the only one.  I had a fellow out of sync-er just a mere one station away.  Hee hee.  We will unite and conquer the world some day.  I also can't seem to jump rope for anything.  It's not the cardio that was the issue, it was the actual swinging of the rope that seemed to be an issue.  Whatever.  Shannon was the only one that knew me there.  Some of the moves we did I KNOW were from P90X and it brought back evil flashbacks of those days.  (I might have wanted to take Tony out a time or two)
I'll take Shannon over Tony any day.  He's just annoying.  
I found this to be interesting about the workout itself, my legs never strained.  Obviously they're strong from all the running, biking and rollerblading.  It was good cardio.  My heart rate got up there.  It illuminated areas that I'm weak in, such as core (what is that?) and arms, but not to the point where I can't move today, which is good because I've got stuff to do today.  Moving IS one of them.

The biggest question is will I go back?  I'm not sure.  I'm not really a "classy" kind of person.  (duh)  I like the whole "we're in this together" feeling, but do I need an actual class?  If I look at the full body workout, I really should go back. At least once a week.  I could keep doing my other "stuff" the rest of the week.  Hmmmm.  I need to think about this one.  It might be fun.  :)

Do you do exercise classes?  What happens if you don't?  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. P!

Today is Mr. P's birthday.  He's another year older.  How so you spend your 38th birthday if you're Mr. P?  

First, you get little to no sleep the night before because you're partying like a rock star and worried about being a year older.  Or maybe it's because you're sleeping in a hotel because you're out of town and just can't seem to sleep well in hotels.  It's one or the other-you pick.

Then you have to spend the day doing "businessy" stuff (we don't really know what Mr. P does and as long has he's happy-we don't care).

Because it's your birthday, you manage to catch an early flight home.  Whoop whoop!  Home.  We like home.

When you pull into the driveway, your super beautiful wife is sitting on the front porch and your three totally awesome labradors RUN to greet you.  (could there BE a better birthday??)

You eat your Subway dinner while watching the squeaky shoe game on tv (and your super cool wife doesn't even complain about it). You also notice that she's SLAVED for hours in the kitchen and made you your favorite birthday cake.  Chocolate with white buttercream icing.  Because she loves you.

Photo evidence of actual chocolate cake with white icing.  

You then realize that you're the luckiest man on the entire planet and know that any birthday wish that you might make couldn't even compare to all your wishes that have already come true.

Happy Birthday Mr. P!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Puppy Style

You totally thought I was going to call this post doggie style didn't you??  Don't think I didn't think about that....

My super great doggy mother's day included special gifts from my fur babies like this:

  • The gift of sleeping in until 6am-a total treat.  (might of had something to do with us being out with friends carousing all hours of the night, but still)
  • Bunker gave me the gift of quality play time.  Oh right, he always wants to play.  Whatever, I'm pretty sure todays play time was extra special.  
  • Cally gave me the give of working on the landscaping.  She's available for hire-just in case you were wondering.  

Cally's new landscape design has a lovely earth feature where the plants are UNDER the dirt.  

  • Mulligan gave me an awesome gift too.  We went for a walk and his knee didn't make a single sound.  After almost six weeks of worrying about that knee, today was the first day that it seemed like we're on the right track.  Finally!!  

Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photo Fail

So I've been a bit lax in the whole blogging department-I know.  Even Mr. P says he reads the blog just so he knows what's going on with me.  You'd think he'd know what is going on since we live under the same roof, but apparently not.

The pups and I spent some time in the basement tonight thanks to the local tornado warning.  I don't ever have to worry about not hearing the siren because the dogs think it's a howl-along-athong.  I especially appreciate the first Wednesday of every month (which happens to be tomorrow) at 1:00pm when they test the sirens.  It's a treat.  But, so far, so good, only some heavy rain, no tornados.  I say we keep it that way.

I found out that the local (and I use the word loosely-it's more like an hour one way if you drive five miles over the posted speed limit) place where we usually get dog food is having a little contest.  Do you know how some dogs smile?  Yeah it's cute.  And the dog food place is having a contest.  If you send in a picture of your dog smiling and if the store people (employees?) vote that your dog has the best smile then you win a $50 gift card to that store.  Sounds great, right??  I'm thinking we could totally benefit from an extra $50 towards hound chow.

AND we have one dog that "smiles."  Mulligan will smile.  But it's not a normal smile.  That would be silly. Are any of my dogs normal?  What fun would that be??  His smile is really more about showing the front teeth.  He doesn't to it all the time, but if it's someone he really likes then he'll smile at them when he first sees them.  (yes, he'll smile for me-thank you for asking) After that, the excitement must wain because he doesn't smile again. I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've ever used the word wain, FYI.  It makes me feel all grown up and stuff.

Since I'm a winner, winner, chicken dinner kind of gal, I thought I could totally get a picture of my furry face showing off his unique smile and send it in for the contest. Every employee and every person around the nation would be mesmerized by his super cool personality and we'd wander home with the cool $50 gift card.  Easy Peasy.  Who couldn't use a $50 gift card right?  Oh, well, I guess if you didn't have pets then you probably wouldn't need it.  But I digress.  I got my camera out and mostly ready and waited until Mr. P came home.  I knew Mully would smile for him.  I got a couple of pictures.  He's a hard one to get.  You'd think an eleven year old wouldn't move that fast, but he can if he really wants to!

Do you see what I see?  Yeah, that's what I thought.   He looks psycho.  Kinda "Cujo"-ish really.  I love this hunk of fur more than anything but really??  Why hadn't I noticed this before??  No wonder some people ask about him when he smiles at them.

I'm thinking I won't be sending this pretty pics in after all.  So much for that great idea....maybe if they have a rabid look alike dog contest.....sigh. It's ok Mulligan, I still love you.  Crazy smile and all.