Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photo Fail

So I've been a bit lax in the whole blogging department-I know.  Even Mr. P says he reads the blog just so he knows what's going on with me.  You'd think he'd know what is going on since we live under the same roof, but apparently not.

The pups and I spent some time in the basement tonight thanks to the local tornado warning.  I don't ever have to worry about not hearing the siren because the dogs think it's a howl-along-athong.  I especially appreciate the first Wednesday of every month (which happens to be tomorrow) at 1:00pm when they test the sirens.  It's a treat.  But, so far, so good, only some heavy rain, no tornados.  I say we keep it that way.

I found out that the local (and I use the word loosely-it's more like an hour one way if you drive five miles over the posted speed limit) place where we usually get dog food is having a little contest.  Do you know how some dogs smile?  Yeah it's cute.  And the dog food place is having a contest.  If you send in a picture of your dog smiling and if the store people (employees?) vote that your dog has the best smile then you win a $50 gift card to that store.  Sounds great, right??  I'm thinking we could totally benefit from an extra $50 towards hound chow.

AND we have one dog that "smiles."  Mulligan will smile.  But it's not a normal smile.  That would be silly. Are any of my dogs normal?  What fun would that be??  His smile is really more about showing the front teeth.  He doesn't to it all the time, but if it's someone he really likes then he'll smile at them when he first sees them.  (yes, he'll smile for me-thank you for asking) After that, the excitement must wain because he doesn't smile again. I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've ever used the word wain, FYI.  It makes me feel all grown up and stuff.

Since I'm a winner, winner, chicken dinner kind of gal, I thought I could totally get a picture of my furry face showing off his unique smile and send it in for the contest. Every employee and every person around the nation would be mesmerized by his super cool personality and we'd wander home with the cool $50 gift card.  Easy Peasy.  Who couldn't use a $50 gift card right?  Oh, well, I guess if you didn't have pets then you probably wouldn't need it.  But I digress.  I got my camera out and mostly ready and waited until Mr. P came home.  I knew Mully would smile for him.  I got a couple of pictures.  He's a hard one to get.  You'd think an eleven year old wouldn't move that fast, but he can if he really wants to!

Do you see what I see?  Yeah, that's what I thought.   He looks psycho.  Kinda "Cujo"-ish really.  I love this hunk of fur more than anything but really??  Why hadn't I noticed this before??  No wonder some people ask about him when he smiles at them.

I'm thinking I won't be sending this pretty pics in after all.  So much for that great idea....maybe if they have a rabid look alike dog contest.....sigh. It's ok Mulligan, I still love you.  Crazy smile and all.  

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  1. Haha he does look like he is channeling his inner Cujo! When I was younger we had a dog that had fallen out of the back of my dad's truck a few too many times. When he growled you could pet him and when he was wagging his tail..you better back away!


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