Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our UPS guy is cooler than yours....

Like I mentioned before, we get lots of packages delivered here.  Yesterday was no exception.  Peter, our super cool UPS guy showed up at about six thirty last night.  I'm not sure what kind of crazy route this guy has, but he's often at our place later in the day like that.  I always secretly hope it's his last stop before home.  
Not Peter's truck, but you get the idea...

I was outside, just getting ready to take Bunker for his evening walk/bark-a-thon when the loud brown truck pulled in the driveway.  I don't know about you, but my dogs have a love/hate relationship with the UPS truck.  I haven't decided if it's because they don't like the way the truck sounds or if it's because Peter usually (ok-always) has dog treats in his pocket.

It was a heavy delivery yesterday, and when Peter came out of the truck with the sixty pound box his brown shorts were soaked.  He was completely soaked from the waist down.  He explained that there was a car accident about a mile from our house.  I had heard sirens about twenty minutes before Peter showed up, so I'm assuming that's where they'd went.  A car had flipped and landed in the river.  I run and bike past this river multiple times a week and I know the water is very high right now.  Someone had called 911 but didn't go into the river to check for the driver.  Peter went into the river and checked on the driver before emergency vehicles even got there.  Upon arrival of emergency medical services and with the situation under control, Peter then went about his day just like normal, delivered my packages and continued on his route.  As if what he'd done was no big deal.  Sadly, the driver of the car didn't survive.  The car must have been there for a little while because Peter told me that when he checked on it, the muffler was barely warm.  It's not a popular road and if you were driving one direction it's possible that you wouldn't have even seen the car in the river.  That's just sad.  I offered him a blanket, (that water couldn't have been warm) but he declined and acted as if it's just something he does every day, like it was no big deal.
This custom drawing looks exactly like him.
He carries heavy boxes, his shorts were wet and he has no hair.
Totally accurate. 

To me it is a big deal.  I'm not sure how to let UPS know that they have a super hero type employee but I'm going to see I can contact them.  They should know.  Not everyone would have done what Peter did.  (although I wish they would)  Obviously my UPS guy is the coolest ever.  Eat your hearts out people, he's ours.

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