Thursday, May 24, 2012

Not really the classy kinda gal...

I got a text last night from my friend Shannon.  She teaches various work out classes at the community center exactly twelve minutes from my house.  I've used the whole, "I just got home from work, need to spend time with the dogs" line all these years to not go to one of her classes.  Well, that and the fact that some of the classes were during my working hours. But yesterday was one of those days where I didn't get any kind of workout in, unless you count giving glaring looks at people that maybe don't have a drivers license but were still driving on the interstate.  I got a good glaring workout there.  I did managed to keep my hands to myself though.  (pretty proud of that)  Somedays I'd like to put the definition of MERGE on my car.  But I'm sure I'd get a ticket for distracting someone while they were texting, eating and putting on their mascara.  Heaven forbid.
Shannon in all her glory!
I have the classiest friends!  :)

 Shannon gave me the "it'll be fun!" text, so I figured "why not?"   Mr. P cringes when I say that to him.  Whenever I throw out the "it'll be fun!" line, he goes and ups the life insurance.  Go figure.

I was trying to think of the last time I was at an exercise class.  I've got nothing.  Not that I haven't ever been to a gym, but an actually class??  Nope.  I remember one yoga class that I did one time back in the early 2000's but other than that......nada.  So what does a gal bring to one of these workout classes?  I've never even been to the facility.  Do I bring a change of clothes?  Do I shower there? Do I need a lock for a locker?  Sooo many questions, so little time.  After a mad texting exchange (who really talks on the phone anyway?)  it was determined that all I needed was me (got that), water, and a yoga mat if I wanted (got that too).

The class is called HIT or high intensity training.  Mr. P reminded me that Shannon's husband has never, ever called one of her classes "fun" and made Shannon promise that she'd drag my lifeless body home if she killed me.  Whatever.  For some reason, that makes a woman just want to show up and kick a$$.  (what is wrong with us?)

I found the class. It was tough.  I walked the door and said, "I need to find Shannon's class."  The delightful nineteen year old behind the desk just pointed to a room.  It was a piece of cake.  Big sigh of relief from me.

Upon entering the room (which might have been a million degrees to begin with) I noticed three or four other gals getting their "stations" all set up.  Crap.  You need props for this class??  I'm not super coordinated with props. I'm convinced in some dimension, they actually bite.   They all had those aerobic stair step thingys, jump ropes, free weights, resistance bands, exercise balls, mats, water and of course, their yoga mats.  Just me taking that inventory alone had me standing there like a crazy person absorbing what all nine of us (eventually) would be doing for "fun" for the next hour.

I will say this.  I'm not coordinated, and the class was good.  I know I'm that girl that does everything the exact opposite of the rest of the class. The gal that is one step off.  I did smile when I realized that I wasn't the only one.  I had a fellow out of sync-er just a mere one station away.  Hee hee.  We will unite and conquer the world some day.  I also can't seem to jump rope for anything.  It's not the cardio that was the issue, it was the actual swinging of the rope that seemed to be an issue.  Whatever.  Shannon was the only one that knew me there.  Some of the moves we did I KNOW were from P90X and it brought back evil flashbacks of those days.  (I might have wanted to take Tony out a time or two)
I'll take Shannon over Tony any day.  He's just annoying.  
I found this to be interesting about the workout itself, my legs never strained.  Obviously they're strong from all the running, biking and rollerblading.  It was good cardio.  My heart rate got up there.  It illuminated areas that I'm weak in, such as core (what is that?) and arms, but not to the point where I can't move today, which is good because I've got stuff to do today.  Moving IS one of them.

The biggest question is will I go back?  I'm not sure.  I'm not really a "classy" kind of person.  (duh)  I like the whole "we're in this together" feeling, but do I need an actual class?  If I look at the full body workout, I really should go back. At least once a week.  I could keep doing my other "stuff" the rest of the week.  Hmmmm.  I need to think about this one.  It might be fun.  :)

Do you do exercise classes?  What happens if you don't?  

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  1. I never did do exercise classes, maybe I am just not a social exerciser :)


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