Sunday, April 22, 2012

Randoms from last week...

1. I thought I broke Mulligan a couple (?) of weeks ago when he did some agility equipment and then started limping.  He'd limp and then be better and then go really lame again.  It was the leg he had his ACL surgery on.  I thought for sure I broke him.  He went to the doggy chiropractor (don't judge) and he has a muscle strain but should be ok.  His knee is ok.   I didn't break my dog too we think for right now...
Mulligan does his "flat Stanley" imitation. 

2. We get lots of deliveries here.  This means lots of UPS and Fed Ex trucks.  A certain yellow dog who remain unnamed (Cally) not only jumped into the Fed Ex truck, she ran around the inside of the truck like a lunatic and ate the drivers Doritos.  That's my finely trained dog-except I did not train her to do that-honest.  Maybe she learned it from Mr. P?   Maybe he'll keep the door shut next time.  She hopes not.

Taken moments after the Fed Ex truck incident.  Doesn't she look innocent?

3.  Since I quit my day job I've been busy with my dog business and watching Days of Our Lives (twice).   You didn't know I had a dog business?  Surprise-I do.  It just so happens that I've been a canine massage therapist for two years.  (google it-we really exist)  I've also developed an all natural flea, tick and bug spray for dogs called NatuRepel. (it can be used on people too if your dog will share)  I'm thrilled with how well it works because we live in freaking ticksville.   If you're interested in doing a blog review, have any questions or want to purchase, hop on over to A Balanced K9 and let me know.

4.  I talked with two grown men on Friday and they both had to get off the phone because they had to pee.  (you know who you are)  I'm just thankful they didn't decide to multi-task.  Really thankful.

5.  This isn't last week, but today I had a great five mile run.  It was spitting rain but not to terrible, so I headed out.  It felt great.  For some reason last week was crazy and even though I got two workouts in, I felt like this:

Here's to a great week ahead!  Happy Earth Day!

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