Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Puppy Style

You totally thought I was going to call this post doggie style didn't you??  Don't think I didn't think about that....

My super great doggy mother's day included special gifts from my fur babies like this:

  • The gift of sleeping in until 6am-a total treat.  (might of had something to do with us being out with friends carousing all hours of the night, but still)
  • Bunker gave me the gift of quality play time.  Oh right, he always wants to play.  Whatever, I'm pretty sure todays play time was extra special.  
  • Cally gave me the give of working on the landscaping.  She's available for hire-just in case you were wondering.  

Cally's new landscape design has a lovely earth feature where the plants are UNDER the dirt.  

  • Mulligan gave me an awesome gift too.  We went for a walk and his knee didn't make a single sound.  After almost six weeks of worrying about that knee, today was the first day that it seemed like we're on the right track.  Finally!!  

Happy Mother's Day!

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