Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. P!

Today is Mr. P's birthday.  He's another year older.  How so you spend your 38th birthday if you're Mr. P?  

First, you get little to no sleep the night before because you're partying like a rock star and worried about being a year older.  Or maybe it's because you're sleeping in a hotel because you're out of town and just can't seem to sleep well in hotels.  It's one or the other-you pick.

Then you have to spend the day doing "businessy" stuff (we don't really know what Mr. P does and as long has he's happy-we don't care).

Because it's your birthday, you manage to catch an early flight home.  Whoop whoop!  Home.  We like home.

When you pull into the driveway, your super beautiful wife is sitting on the front porch and your three totally awesome labradors RUN to greet you.  (could there BE a better birthday??)

You eat your Subway dinner while watching the squeaky shoe game on tv (and your super cool wife doesn't even complain about it). You also notice that she's SLAVED for hours in the kitchen and made you your favorite birthday cake.  Chocolate with white buttercream icing.  Because she loves you.

Photo evidence of actual chocolate cake with white icing.  

You then realize that you're the luckiest man on the entire planet and know that any birthday wish that you might make couldn't even compare to all your wishes that have already come true.

Happy Birthday Mr. P!

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