Monday, May 28, 2012

Ribbons and fire.

Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to all the service people (and animals) for all that you do to make this such an awesome country!  I love my freedom!

We had a good weekend.  Why?  We went to the BOTC agility trial.  I love this show.  This was the very first agility show that I went to with Cally and Bunker.  It used to held outside in a park and I was terrified of running Cally in an outdoor show without a fenced ring.  Flat out terrified. (she used to flip me the paw and take off)  I still remember our jumpers run.  (I have it on tape too somewhere)  We didn't qualify but I was thrilled.  She stayed with me the entire time.  I was so happy that I started crying.  The funny thing was that I'd asked a guy to tape the run for me and he thought I was crying because I was upset. Typical man-totally not getting it.  (and NO-it wasn't Mr. P-just an agility friend) Mr. P would have totally understood.  Totally.  He's cool like that.  Or well trained.  

Cally sticking her head out of her crate for a photo op.
We always run well at BOTC.  Always.  Maybe that's why I love it.  Maybe not.  Maybe it's because I'm reminded of how far we've come, or because when we're there we seem to just run with simple joy in our hearts. (sounds cheesy but it's true)   I don't know.  Bunker had a perfect day on Saturday, thusly (isn't that a fun word?) qualifying him for the 2013 AKC agility nationals.  Cally had good runs, but she was "sticky."  I think it was because it was storming like crazy and the thunder was shaking the building.  She just wasn't herself.  I may need to look at getting her a thunder shirt.  (they do work by the way) Sunday had good runs but only one Q (that's agility slang for qualifying run-Q).  Today we went three out of four and a double Q (or QQ) for the C-dog.  Considering it was a mere five weeks ago that I was all upset about going two out of fourteen in Sioux Falls, I'd say this was great improvement.

But (why is there always a but?) during our runs today I got a text from Mr. P.  The local paper mill had an explosion.  UUUgh.  That's not cool.  I used to work not very far from there and knew/worked on people that worked there.  It's the kind of thing that instantly makes you sick to your stomach.  How can you celebrate something when other people might be dead or injured?   I decided all I could do was pray. I heard that one person was declared dead and four are injured.  I continue to pray for them and their families.  

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