Saturday, December 17, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

At the Hounds for the Holidays trial, they always have a Christmas decoration contest.

Several years ago, we picked up these crates that we could use when going to shows.  They fold up super small, about the size of one of those bag chairs.  But when they're set up, they look like this.

I've had several comments from people who think these look like some kind of space age crates or something. I've tried to tell them that my dogs are really secretly working for NASA but the people never seem to believe me.   And ever since we started going to Hounds, and ever since I've had all this time to think of crazy things while running a bazillion miles while training for my upcoming half marathon,  I started thinking that maybe they kind of looked like Christmas trees.

You don't see it?   Maybe with some green fleece...

And maybe some ornaments, garland and lights...

And don't forget the star. That was an experience in glue and glitter.   We'll probably be finding glitter all over my kitchen for the next twenty odd years.  I'll have to make up a cool story involving Vegas showgirls for the Christmas company that notice all the glitter from here to kingdom come.  Bunker was black and glitter gold more than once during this creation and it made Mr. P question my sanity.

Glitter Head Bunker
So I kinda got them all figured out and we stuffed them in the car (the dogs, the crates and the covers) and we set them up at the Hounds trial.  

Yours truly setting up the crates...
From left to right:
Bunker, Cally and Mulligan
(but you probably could tell that)

Needless to say, we didn't win the decoration contest.   These people did and they do the same thing every year-(yawn): 

Mr. P says we got robbed, but  I don't care.  I was there when they announced the winner and tons of people commented, "Did you see the Christmas tree crates? Those are cool."  And on the inside I was thinking, "Doggone it, people like me!"   I even saw a lady taking a picture of them, I'm not really sure why, maybe we'll end up on her blog someday...


  1. HI HI HI! Thanks for the headband and gift card! I am so excited to wear the headband tomorrow. I wore the same black and white checkered Sweaty Band for almost a year until my husband pointed out it's questionable-ness. (:

    I'm loving the dog crate Christmas trees. I have a 10 pound dog named Sweetie that just LOVES wearing a Santa hat and beard. (: What? She does...

    Hope your Secret Santa treats you as nicely as mine! (;

  2. its. not it's. I have a grammar addiction.

  3. Ok, you totally should've won!!!!!!!!!!! I love your dog crate Christmas trees!! I'm with Mr. P. You WERE robbed. :(


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