Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Belch

You've all seen it.  You might even be one of those people that has a home that resembles it.  A home  in which Christmas threw up.   Decorations everywhere.  Sometimes I have a house like that.   Not this year.   I don't have time to support the Christmas vomit this year, so its more like a Christmas belch.  Today while Bunker was quiet after our five mile run and Cally was still a bit groggy from her "sleepy pedicure" I decided to drag up the tree and a couple of decorations.   

Don't they look awesome!?!

I was going to do some strength training today but decided that dragging our tree upstairs would amount to the same thing.  After all I can't carry it.  So it's more like a hug and drag the box.  That should count as some kind of workout for sure.   

Our tree is a Martha Stewart tree.  I don't care if she's a convicted felon, her trees rock.  We bought it a billion years ago on a black Friday.   I learned at that time that Christmas trees look a lot smaller in the store than they do in your house.   A lot smaller.   And there is some assembly required with this thing.   

It came with a spare branch or do we have someone else's branch? 
I don't know how long it took me to set it up, but by the time I was finished I'd listened to the entire Jessica Simpson Christmas album, Gayla Peevey's I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas, and part of the Elvis Christmas album.  For those of you that like to psycho analyze people based on their music choices, have fun with that one.

Last year I decided we should have a themed tree this year.  Since my high school colors were black and gold, and Mr. P's college colors were black and gold and our dogs are, well, black and yellow (it's close to gold) wouldn't it be super cool to have a black and gold tree?   So after Christmas last year I snatched up a bunch of gold ornaments for this year’s tree.  The only snafu with the themed tree plan is that it's uber tough to find black ornaments.  Well it's tough to find them when you're cheap frugal like me.  I found one on clearance.  One.  So then I decided I'd make my own and took a bunch of cheap silver ornaments and tackled them with black paint and black glitter.   Let's just say it's not recommended.  It's a paint and glitter nightmare.  AND they're not tree worthy.  Really.  So we ended up with an all gold tree this year. 

Not bad, but I won't be quitting my day job to decorate trees!

So the tree is up as well as a couple of other decorations and maybe, just maybe I put a couple of snowmen in the guest bathroom.  I figure it balances out the fact that there isn't ever any toilet paper in there!  

Stay tuned for our Hounds update!  Try and keep your pants on until then....  :)

Christmas threw up on my head

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  1. HAHA! You crack me up!

    Love the black and gold xmas tree! you should play that rap song 'Black & Yellow, Black & yellow' as it's theme song. lol.


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