Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day!!  Boxing day has a weird history and I'm not sure why it's even printed on US calendars anymore.  But, who still uses a  paper calendar?  We have one hanging up, but it's from the year 2010.  No lie.  It's still stuck on December 2010 and I look at it every day.  It doesn't have boxing day listed on that one.  I checked.  Of course I designed that one with custom puppy pictures, so I'm thinking Boxing Day wasn't one of those strange holidays I needed to list.

We had a wonderful Christmas.  We're so blessed.  It turned out to be a wonderful time with wonderful people and a house full of wonderful puppies.  (hmmmm who went overboard on the "It's a Wonderful Life?")  My parents came to celebrate Christmas here.  My brother also came with his Golden Retriever.  Add our three pups and the two that we're puppy sitting for a couple of weeks and that makes six dogs and five people.  Do you have any idea how much dog hair that is???  I have to say, my parents exercised extreme patience with this house full of four footed furry ones.  I'm impressed.   I suppose it helped that Cally didn't eat my mom's breakfast this time....

Bandit and Simba

Cally and Skid

Bunker and Mulligan
We enjoyed  some wonderful presents (people are totally supporting my new running habit), a few games of Smear and wayyy too much food.  (Honey baked hams should be outlawed)

After the people and one fur kid returned to the cold tundra of the northland, Mr. P volunteered to watch the pups while I got some things cleaned up.  I think everyone was tired because this is what I found....

Can you find the five pups and one person?
 We had a nice evening talking with the In laws in Ohio (gotta love Skype!)   and hanging by the tree enjoying our wonderful family.  

We pray you had a wonderful Christmas too!!  

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  1. Your tree is so pretty! Glad you had a great Christmas. I always thought Boxing Day sounded like a great holiday.


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