Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gone to the Hounds

Whoop Whoop!!  We're back from one of my most favoritest trials EVER.  Hounds for the Holidays.  Three agility rings each able to host 330 runs per day.  A whopping potential of 1,320 runs over four days.  It's mass chaos.  It's also a total freaking blast.

So, in no certain order, here are some of the awesome features of the Hounds trial that made it worth having Mr. P drive us 5+ hours!  (Gotta love that Mr. P!)

We were able to sees our Wisconsin friend Ro and got to see her run her super duper fast Labbie that is Bunker's half sister.   Team Zoe had some amazing runs.  The kind that make you ooh and ahh and say "Uff Da!"  They're  an awesome team no ifs ands or butts about it.

The puppy part of Team Zoe

The shopping.  LOVE the shopping.  Different vendors, different stuff, same retail therapy!  Didn't qualify?-go shopping.  Won the class?-go shopping.  Notice the theme??

Bunker and Cally got new reflective AND glow in the dark jackets for the extreme cold.
Notice how they make their eyes glow too?  AMAZING!
The food and friends.  There is ALWAYS a group dinner somewhere.  This time it was the Cheesecake Factory.  Didn't consume any calories that night.  Nope, not one bit!

This group had a reservation as Mr. P's harem...

And of course, running with the pups!  That's always a highlight.  We managed to squeak away with three double qualifying days.  That's huge in the agility world!  Go Prickett Pups!!  

They don't just hand these out for showing up!

We're on a small break now until mid-January.  Then we'll go play some more!  Soon I'll post some pics of our crating set up.  It rocked.  Like totally R-O-C-K in the USA, rocked.  

And-I finally got my secret santa blogger gift in the mail!!  Who is it going to?  Is it you? or you? or you?

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  1. I love the reflective coats for the pups!!! The yellow one doesn't look that happy to wear it though, or she's really really confused! lol.


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