Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Night Run and Presents for Me!

Since it's the whole Winter's Solstice thing today, and my brother's birthday (Happy Birthday Bro!) I thought I'd mention something I like to do but really don't get to do that often.  Eat Chocolate.  HA!   Just kidding.  That happens daily.  I'm talking about a night run.

We've been blessed this winter with some super duper nice temperatures.  This means very little snow.  This means dry roads.  This also means I can run outside.  Yeah me!!  And since the other day my running coach had me running a sweet three miles after work and since Bunker still needed a walk,  I thought, "hmmmm, two birds, one stone-I'll do a night run with the Bunker!"  Bunker loves to run with me but we don't go together that often because, a) I can't keep his pace and b) when I let him run off leash I worry that he'll get hit by a car.  But, the moon was big and the weather was great, sooooo I thought I'd give it a whirl!  

My night running outfit:   (complete with goofy grin)

All you male readers out there, try and resist my hot-ness.  

And Bunker's running outfit:

He wore his Nite Dawg LED collar.  Other than that, you can't see him one bit.  He's sneaky that way....

Any-who.  It was a great run.  Three miles of running bliss and Bunker is still very alive and well.  The only complaint, and I mean, only complaint (besides the darkness) was that my head lamp kept fogging up all my hot breath.  I don't like to admit it, but it was actually hard to see the road at times because of my humid, heavy heaving.  That's kinda annoying when you're huffing and puffing like a freight train.  Maybe Santa will have read my Christmas list that I gave Mr. P and a pair of these will magically appear.... Maybe.  

Onto other news: 
I already got a Santa gift!!  Liz from Southern Charm was my Secret Santa and she sent me some awesome loot!!  (I totally opened it, as I'm not good with actually waiting until Christmas!)   Thank you Liz!   Hop on over to her blog and get tempted by someone who actually makes real food.  Whoa.  That's so cool.  And see how good it looks too!!  And super thanks to Jill for hosting the gift exchange!  I don't know how she organized it all, but it was amazing.  I'm in total awe!  

Those are not just socks.  Those are Champion socks.
How totally fitting...  :)

Did you participate in a gift exchange this year?  What do you use on your night runs?  Do you run with your dog-on leash or off??


  1. Oh how I need some new running socks!! And Lara Bars are de-lish! Glad you liked your gift.

    We've had more than our share of snow in Denver this year and I am already sick of it! Glad you got in a nice night run, how fun!

    Merry Christmas!! :)

  2. I never do night runs, but i think they would be really peaceful. yay for fun Secret Santa gifts!

  3. That pic of you is straight up awesomesauce.


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