Friday, February 24, 2012

Marketing magic

Ah the marketing magic of Disney!

Today we hit the Princess expo. It started off with both Pammy and I getting dusted with fairy dust and wishes that all of our dreams come true. I'm trying to remember what all of my dreams are. Not my sleeping type dreams, those I remember easily because they are somewhat disturbing. I'm talking about those OTHER type of dreams. Those dream ideas before you decide to make them goals. I dwelled on this super deep thought for a whopping thirty seconds before we stumbled into full SHOPPING mode!

If I ever start a business, I'm going to hire disney to do my marketing. Seriously.

How is it that I walked into the expo and my somewhat level headed brain fell out of my head?? Yep, I went into a princess buying frenzy. Grown women everywhere were shopping like they'd never been let out of the house before. Including me. How much princess stuff does a person need? Apparently I needed a lot.

A Dooney bag and four shirts later I finally stopped.

I ALMOST feel sorry for all of you that are going to have to look at me being all "princess-ed" out for the next who knows how long!

On the flip side, I'm totally excited to do this race! (maybe that explains all the shopping?-Mr P will be so thrilled to hear this) Let's do this!!

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