Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, wait. It's a bird....

So- the Princess Half Marathon (it's so important that I felt the need to capitalize all the words) is coming up.  Very quickly.  Like every first time half marathoner, I've been training.  Yep-yep, lots of training going on around here. (did you read that coach?)  But more importantly, I've finally decided what to wear.  That's soooo much more important than logging runs-right?? right??

Since it's Disney, everyone and their crossed eyed cousin dresses up for this thing.  Like Princesses with ball gowns and Prince Charming's with leggings and the frock things they wear.

I feel that if I didn't take part in this halloween type debacle, I'd be stoned or flogged with GU or something.  I can't have that.  I have a vacation to enjoy.  I don't have time to nurse flogging injuries.

Should I dress up as Cinderella?  Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Sleeping Beauty?  Cruella Deville?  Annie from Toy Story?  Snow White? (don't laugh) (no, really, I said don't laugh-I totally thought about it)

Nope.  None of the above.  I decided that I won't take part in the Princess copy cat charade.  Not me.  I'm not that girl.  If I'm going to be a princess, I'm going to be Princess Paula. (duh)  Sooooo, what will your highness (that's me) wear on race day?  Here's a hint-I've gone to the birds!!

Skirt-a super duper (that's a word) running skirt from Sparkle Skirts.  My friend Pammy and I have tried EVERY kind of running skirt out there and finally found these from Sparkle Skirts.  They are WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!   They don't ride up.  They don't fall off.  (how was that for you Pammy?)  They're just right!  Like the goldilocks of running skirts.  And they *might* be a bit flashy.  Or as Mr. P says, "obnoxious."  Actually, he said that until he actually saw the skirt I ordered and then he said it was actually really cool.  He's a smart man.  Really, really smart.
So-without further a due: here is the race day skirt


I opted for a matching dark blue tee from the Under Amour outlet and I'm thinking my "peacocky" (that should be a word) compression socks and sparkly headband.  It might be bright.  It might be over the top (doubt it).  But it's mine.  All mine.  It's like the superhero of running outfits without being an actually superhero or wearing a cape.  (someday)  And in a few days from now, you can officially refer to me as Prissy Peacock Princess Paula Prickett.  (try saying that seven times fast)  :)

Should I ditch the socks?

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  1. I love the skirt and i say keep the socks! Great outfit! I have been looking at their skirts, so it is nice to hear a good review on them. I love my Lululemons, so far they have been the best for me.


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