Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Mr. P and have been married for a whopping nine years.  He counts his blessings every day that he has such an awesome catch of a wife.  Or, maybe he spends most of his time wondering what on earth he got himself into when he said "I do."  Either way, he's definitely had moments of his life with me when he's said, "I never, ever thought I'd be doing this."  I think that must be the sign of a great marriage.  Or just a sign that he's game enough for my crazy ideas adventures.

To celebrate our wedded bliss, we got a puppy sitter (yes, we do that) and headed to the big city for a night away.  We stayed at the Hotel Ivy.  It's a swanky kind of place that has doormen for the automatic doors and smells like a spa when you walk in.  They even had real glasses in the bathroom.  Swanky.  Apparently the upper class of people in the world use glass glasses in the bathroom and don't just scoop the water right from the faucet when they're brushing their teeth.  Personally, it sounds like a dish washing disaster to me.  The odds of me remembering to wash that glass on a regular basis are not high.  Just saying.   

Night view from Hotel Ivy
Even the hair dryer gets it's own bag.  (mine is jealous?)

We got to eat at my most favoritest (yes, I'm using that word) restaurant.  It's a steak place a mere two stumbling blocks from our swanky hotel.  It's called Manny's.  Just typing the name makes me drool.  Not lying.  We got to sit in the cow hide booth.  We've never sat in the cow hide booth before.  Everyone wants to sit there.  All the other people in the joint are jealous of those in the cow hide booths.  Oddly enough I managed to not embarress myself too much by petting the Hereford hanging on the wall.  But I totally wanted to.  It must have been the after affects of the swanky hotel rubbing off on me.  I totally controlled myself.  Totally.  
How did I manage to resist that??

We gorged on steak and beverages and they gave us an anniversary dessert.  It was custom-they totally hooked us up with fresh strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream.  Yum.  Major yum.  

Mr. P and my our dessert

I love those little get aways with just the two of us and no agenda! We had a great time and I'm so super duper lucky to be married to such a totally awesome guy!  I love you Mr. P!  Here's to many more!


  1. Ahhh, too cute. Happy Anniversary!

    'Oddly enough I managed to not embarress myself too much by petting the Hereford hanging on the wall. '---Hilarious! Totally me!

  2. I'm only 10 days late with this...but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!


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