Friday, January 20, 2012

A Mother's Guilt

Mr. P has been nagging me because I haven't been keeping up with the blog.  Apparently he doesn't know what's going on unless he reads it here.  Silly Mr. P.

The main reason that I've been missing in blogging action?  

Well, Bunker tangled with the tire jump and lost.  What does that mean?  It means he either misjudged his jump or slipped or who knows what.  It doesn't matter. He hurt himself.  But I didn't think he did and couldn't really tell if he was really hurt.  I didn't think it was a big deal until our trial last weekend.  He was slow.  That boy isn't ever slow.  Ever.  He doesn't know how to be slow.  But he was.  Obviously, he hurt.  I was able to do a massage on him on Sunday and he was a soft tissue train wreck.  This is where I go into panic mode.  Here's the Bunk-a-chunk that never ever ever gets hurt and he's hurt.

Bunker and a tire jump

Enter mother's guilt.  A good mother would have noticed that he wasn't right and wouldn't have run him last weekend.  A good mother would have gotten him fixed up right away.   A good mother would have---I don't know what.  None of which is what I did.  I ran him anyway, thinking nothing was wrong.   Things were wrong.  Bad dog mom.

He got to visit our favorite puppy chiropractor this week.  He was a mess.  I feel so bad.  Poor kid.  Somehow, even though he didn't feel good, he managed to qualify three out of four runs.  He picked up QQ #15.  He was a very good boy.  I don't know how he did it, but he did.  Bless his little puppy heart.  

He now gets some time off of training and showing.  I don't think he's liking that decision, but I do know he's feeling better and that makes me happy.   The good news is that he'll be A-OK very soon.  That's  very good puppy news.  

It also means that this is a girls weekend!  Or is it girl-cation?  Cally Jo and I get to run this weekend and the boys will just have to cheer us on.  If you listen really close, you might be able to hear them over Cally's barking.....or not...  :-)

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  1. Sorry about little Bunker-poo!!!

    My little one is hurt too. Too much running last weekend and his hip/knee/leg (don't know which) is all jacked up. Poor baby is getting Xrays tomorrow.

    Hope your guy is better!!


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