Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lessons from 2011

That's it.  It's done.  Finished.  Over Rover.  So much for  ol' 2011.   I wouldn't chalk it up to my best or even favorite year so far.  But, here are some of the things that I learned in 2011:

  • that twelve years is waaaay to long between girlfriend get togethers!  

  • that there isn't a pair of gloves out there that will keep my hands warm when walking the dogs when it's only fifteen degrees and there is a ten plus mile an hour wind blowing (that's why I'm trying mittens this winter and bought a ton of hand warmers to go in them...)

  • that I'm not as smart as I think I am

  • that our dogs ROCKED the 2011 AKC Agility Nationals!  

  • to stop asking God for patience because He will keep putting me in situations where I need it 

  • that I'd like to go to Chicago again and spend more time there with Mr. P.

  • that I can run foot races but really don't like them because of all the people in my way  (I can only imagine how it will be at the Princess)

  • that I have amazing friends that do amazing things

  • that Cally is a PACH diva and I think it's awesome

  • that I might be addicted to buying running gear.... (sorry Mr. P!)  :)

  • that I can be tenacious

  • that Ohio State folks cringe when you call buckeye cookies "chocolate covered nut balls"  
Chocolate Covered Nut Balls

  • that I have the best Hubby, friends and family on the planet

  • that I should reconsider any more of Pam's bright ideas, but I'm so proud of her anyway

  • that our dogs are amazing all the time

  • that in the event I make bacon, the house will smell like it for two solid days

  • that apparently I was supposed to be curling my eyelashes all these years.  Who knows how long I would have gone on being all straight lashed if it wasn't for the super sweet gal at the MAC counter... You'd think a friend would have pointed out my freaky straight lashes earlier.

  • that I'm not done learning....

What did you learn in 2011?  

Happy New Year!  May your life be blessed in 2012!

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