Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday C J!

Today is the day that our most beautiful Cally Jo was born.

Happy 9th Birthday CJ!!

How does a Cally spend her birthday?  Any way she wants!!  Her day started off with a massage, and a nap,
Cally nap time, (I don't think she knows she's being attacked by a turtle!)

and she spent the day sporting her new collar from Pelli's Castleworks,

A one of a kind-just like Cally!

then some howling for a little while, and a bully stick.  (feel free to look up what that is, or just ask my friend Pam--she'd love to tell you)  What a great birthday!!

Cally and Mr. Stick

We love this little yellow wonder more than anything.  She's taught us so much and we wouldn't trade her for the world!!

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