Monday, October 31, 2011

When I go for a run...

When I go for a run, Bunker does this:

He hangs out of the back of Don (yes, that couch has a name-long story) and watches for me to come back home.  He knows that he can see the road and driveway from there..... (he *might* be a bit attached) Once in a while, he gets to go with me on the shorter runs!

When I  go for a run, Cally and Mulligan do this:

They are so overcome with worry that I might not make it back that they pass out.  Or not...

When I go for a run, Mr. P  does stuff like this:

He will actually empty the clean dishes and put the dirty ones in the dishwasher!  What a guy!

When I go for a run, I do this:

My elbows sweat.  Gross.  Actually, I think even my eyebrows sweat.  I don't care.  It feels great when I'm done, but the elbow sweat thing weirds me right out...

And what happens when you go for a run?

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  1. When I go for a run my kids get excited because they get to go to Grandmas or one Aunty or anothers and play with cousins. I get stinky and happy and so does my dog :)


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