Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My no longer secret addiction

I have an addiction.  (So Brad tells me)  It's been going on for years.  Not many people know about it.  I keep it pretty hidden.  It looks a lot like this....

Obviously if I put it up here it's no longer a secret.  There they are, hanging to be seen.  I won't tell you how many there are, or how deep they are stacked.  I love them all.  I've worn them all.  I'm pretty sure there are a few that are stashed in the hall closet for some reason or another.   I can tell you one is missing.  My newest addition:

  Ok-so that's not the best picture of it.  It's my new running jacket from Athleta.  (totally scored on clearance!)   I SHOULD have worn it on Sunday for my four mile run.  Instead, I skipped the jacket because I'd read that you should be a bit chilly for the first ten minutes of your run or else you're overdressed.  EECK, I can't be overdressed!  So, I ran without the jacket.  Here's the thing, after running for ten minutes, I'm over a mile from home.  At this point,  I'm not going to turn around and go back for warmer clothes.  I'm going to run faster to keep myself warmer.  Yep, yep.  Perhaps this brilliant logic is related to the cold I'm fighting.  (i.e. popping Vitamin C like pez candy!)  I even skipped my scheduled run tonight to give myself a chance to fight, fight, fight it!  Who will win?

I was smart enough to wear the sassy new running jacket on Monday for my seven mile run.  Smart me!!  It is light and comfy and super cute.  It kept me warm and toasty!  AND-I'm in love with this feature:

Built in hand thingys!!!  Whoo hoo!!  (notice Bunker's pink turtle in the background?-it's there for a size comparison. "Oh what big hands you have!")

Anyhow-love the new jacket.  (as if I have any that I don't love??)    It might get some hang time before my runs this weekend, it all depends on whether or not the laundry fairy shows up at the house.  I'm not holding my breath....

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  1. Looking good! Athleta jackets and clothing in general is so flattering!

    Thanks for your Halloween suggestion! I LOVE IT!! You have my wheels spinning!


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