Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Freebies

Ohhhh boy!!  Have I ever mentioned that my mother used to take me shopping?  Since I grew up in "sticks-ville" we had to drive about two and a half hours to the nearest mall.  It was in a different state.  No lie.  And since you drove all that way to shop, you did an entire day of shopping.  I mean an ENTIRE DAY.  The whole thing.  Dawn to dark.  Then drove home.  It was a marathon of shopping.  (notice I didn't say buying-just shopping-there's a difference-right?)

So anyway, while I really don't care to shop for an entire day anymore, I do appreciate a great deal.  And what could be better than free?  So here's your chance to get in on the opportunity to get some great free stuff!!  Jess also known as The Blonde Ponytail is having a Hair Flair Headband giveaway!  She tends to dress in all black because she's super cool but I personally have developed this obsession for trendy, super cute running clothes.  I may not be fast, but I'll look good running!  I almost always wear a hairband because I run with my hair down.  I'm not fast but with your hair flying all over the place, you at least FEEL fast!!  A good hairband is necessary to keep those beautiful locks from flopping onto your sweating  glistening face. And a hairband that doesn't slip and looks great is simply a bonus.  You can get in on the opportunity to get your own Flair Hair band on her blog here.   They have several uber cute styles and colors to choose from! I may just start sporting these at all my future agility trials to keep me from playing with my hair during the weaves...hmmm......

And since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, what a better month to win a free Moving Comfort bra??  These things are AWESOME!  Totally full of awesome, really.  Did you know that when you run, breasts will move (read-bounce) eight inches?  EIGHT inches.  That's crazy, and that just can't be good for the girls-if you know what I mean.  Isn't gravity harsh enough?  That's where these Moving Comfort bras come in.  It's like the twins are on lock down.  No bounce, no moving, no abuse!   And as most women know,  good bras are not cheap.  So over at Taking It On, you can sign up to win one!  She also did a great video review of one of their bras so you can see it in action  and sign up for your chance here.

In other news:  My coworker Shannon- she's my real life hero.  She ran the Mankato Half Marathon yesterday and had an awesome time of 1:59:08.  That's less than two hours to run 13.1 miles!!  She's so awesome.  I'm so proud of her!

Oh- and *sort of* ended up with my cold.  It really only took me out for a little bit and I missed two of my runs, but I'm feeling much better now!!  I'm gonna keep up with the vitamins over the winter to keep the nasty viruses at bay!

And I've started re-training Bunker's dog walk.  He's so smart, but it'll take some time to get that TOTO perfected!  One baby step at a time-right??

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

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  1. You are so awesome to make such a great post for giveaways! And that weird snakey thing by the rocks is some kind of kelp or seaweed. It is pretty gross actually. It has a huge bulb on one end that has little rooty thingies and is long and tapered like a giant rat tail. Kind of rubbery and hollow. My kids won't touch 'em :P


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