Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friendly Friday

Friday I went running with my friend Pammy. Here's the story of how she and I started running together.

We met in college and this past April we were at a convention together.  As we were huffing and puffing on the stairs of the parking ramp trying to figure out upon what level we left the car, Pam said, "I'm out of breath doing stairs,  how am I going to run a half marathon?"  HUH?  Wait a minute.  Back the puppy bus up, a half marathon?  And she says, "Yeah, not just any half marathon, I want to run the Princess half marathon.  Do you want to do it with me?  It'll be fun!"  This is were I promptly informed Pammy that she's nuts and no I don't want to run a half marathon.  That's insane.

Then I went home and thought about it.  Maybe I had a beverage or two during the thinking process.   We could do a half marathon.  Look at all the stuff we've done already.  And since the Princess is in Florida, we can get our buddy Lynn to suffer though do it too!

That's how this crazy half marathon stuff got started and that's why Pam and I went for a run yesterday.  We did four miles after I got to her house.  It was a beautiful fall day. The air was crisp and the leaves were pretty (theirs haven't all blown off like the ones around here).   Here's our route!
Looks like we went farther than four miles-doesn't it?  Apparently Minneapolis-St. Paul can be looped in four miles! :)  

After our super fabulous run, we went shopping!!  We headed down to this running shop we've been hearing about.  You know, like how totally awesome they are, how they actually know how to fit you for your running shoe, stuff like that.  It's called the Start Line.  

And people were right!  Super nice and knowledgeable sales people, friendly and totally awesome.  Pammy got her "ouchy" issues addressed and got fitted for new shoes.  She had lots of options.  When I got fitted for my new shoes, I had only one other option other than the shoe I already had.  A whopping one other option for my pigeon toed, knocked knee'd stance.  Ah well, I took it. I can always use more running shoes, right?  Pam settled on a cute purple/white pair of shoes.  Thankfully, she didn't buy these:
The super trendy runner that I am, probably couldn't run with someone wearing these.  I'd be too distracted and fall on my melon.  Ms. Pam was told that these weren't a good shoe for her needs anyway.  Lucky me!  

Pammy also signed up for her first 5K!!  We'll be running the Turkey Day 5k on Thanksgiving (duh). I captured this remarkable moment...  I'm so proud of her!

And I got to meet the newest member to Pammy's family-Simba.  He's sooooo freaking cute!!
Of course, he's Bunker's nephew, so how could I not love him??  Those Fast-Traxx dog people have some awesome pups!!

It was an awesome Friday spent with an awesome friend!  Days like this should occur more often and be cherished!!  I can't wait to do it again!

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  1. sounds like a great day! I love love loved your comment on my balance post. Thanks!!


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