Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Y'all ready for this?

I know it's been a zillion years since I last blogged.  Almost eight months as a matter of fact.  Eeek.  That's like light years to the blogging world.  I've probably had my blog card revoked by now.  Those who blog all the time are scoffing at my willy nilly slacker bogging ways.  Well, guess what?  I'm baaaack!!

What's happened in the last eight months?  Um, I didn't have a baby.  (sorry mom, no grandkids here, only puppies.  Much to her dismay)

1. I joined a golf league.  I rock at golf.  Or maybe that's in my dreams.  Still, I suspect that all the golf balls I hit into the water will somehow help the enviroment and save the world single handedly.  These were my golf buddies:
Obviously not golfing here, but before this...

2. Bunker got his MACH back in September.  It's a big deal and he gets a big ribbon and you run around the agility ring with a piece of PVC pipe that everyone signs and you cherish it forever.

Master Agility Champion Bunker.  Feel free to call him Master for short.

3.  My brother showed up with some car that didn't look like much but would go so fast it'd make you look like you just came from a facelift.  
Mr. P giving me Jazz Hands.  (I think)
4. I went horse back riding.  His name was Charlie Rocket, but I liked to call him Charlie Tango, just because...
Not a bad view.

5.  Mr. P and I went to the Purdue/Ohio State football game in Columbus.  It didn't fare well for the black and gold....

6. Decided to enter Bunker into the local Discdog competition on a whim.  He rocked it.  

7. Mulligan lost an eye to cancer.  We're just happy to have the rest of him and he's doing great.  
He's got his eye on you.
8. I had my first experience at an oxygen bar...
Lily and I are high on O.  
9. Mr. P and I moved to Texas.  Yep, you read that right.  From Texas to MN.  I drove in one car with two dogs and a cat and Mr. P drove in the other car with one dog and a bag of beef jerky.  I'm still waiting for my license to come through down here, so thus time to blog now.  That and I'm tired of unpacking boxes.  
Smoke the Cat ready for travel!
10. Mr. P and I had our 10 year anniversary!  Yep, 10 years of him putting up with me!

Two people full of love and steak. (it's Texas after all)

There's the brief run down of the last eight months.  Did I leave some stuff out?  Yep, you betcha!  But hopefully I'll be able to fill you in on more of our big adventures soon!  


  1. Wow girl! Just wow.

    First of all, I think us playing golf together some day needs to happen. Because I suck at it. And you would laugh at me. And everything would be great.

    2nd, you need to email me where you're at in TX! There's only one really flat state between TX and KS! Hardly anything! Maybe the pups can have a play date!!! Except Wyatt's a spoiled brat and refuses to play with any new dogs. He's got such an attitude.....I have no idea where he gets it from.

    So excited your back!!

    1. Ah-I am not a good golfer either! I don't really think keeping score is necessary. Oh, and I don't think it's necessary to hit the ball EVERY time either! We SHOULD go golfing-see how much fun it'd be?? :)

      Wyatt just wants his mama. Enough said and totally not blaming him...


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