Sunday, February 24, 2013

Addicted to Pinterest

Yeah, I know.  Who isn't??

I didn't used to be.  I thought Pinterest was for people that did not have enough to do, those that would "pin" cool ideas and never do any of them.

Then we had this whole moving thing.  And that included a house hunt.  And a house purchase.  And when you purchase a house instead of building it yourself, there are things that you really want to change.  Like the hideous bookcase in my non tv holding living room. Fugly.  And I have no idea what to do with that thing.

But house design ideas aren't the only thing on Pinterest.  There are recipes, funny jokes, crafty stuff, goofy photos, and fashion designs (although I didn't see any specifically for the sport of dog agility.  I suspect those folks haven't totally hit the Pinterest rage just yet.  Or, there is no such thing as a fashion following for dog agility.  That's totally possible too.)

After becoming a Pinterest follower, I read some pins about how to make the perfect sweet tea.  Mr. P likes sweet tea and his mother makes one that would curl your hair or send you straight to the medical doctor to see if you've immediately contracted diabetes.

Since we're in the South now, it only seemed fitting that I whip up a batch of sweet tea.  I followed this recipe from Pinterest.  After all, if it's on Pinterest, it MUST be totally awesome-right??

I have to say.  This stuff is good.  Really good.  I have to say though, you need to wait for it to be cold or totally chilled in the fridge.  Trust me, it's worth the wait.  And maybe next time, not quite so much sugar.  There is a lot.  But, dang, it's tasty.  I chalk this up to a total Pinterest success!!!
Chillin' in the fridge with the blueberries, eggs and strawberries!

Oh and a Pinterest warning-- if you find a pin that mentions using household glue (or in my case I might have used wood glue because technically it's non toxic and in my house, thus making it "household") to remove oil deposits and shrink pores on your nose, it will work but you'll also be missing a few layers of skin.  Just saying-a Pinterest FAIL.  (but it seemed like such a good idea at the time-right?)

So the verdict is in-Pinterest is some good, some bad.  And even with the good and the bad, I still have NO IDEA what to do with that stupid tv space in my fugly living room book case.  Grrr.....   Any suggestions??


  1. I can't tell from your picture very well, but I actually like the bookcase set up. If you hate the color, maybe try distressing it. I found an interesting dresser at a garage sale, but it was solid wood, and I hated the look. It reminded me of my grandma's house. So I distressed it; basically put a dark coat underneath, and then in the spots I wanted the darker color to show through, I put Vaseline over it. Then I did two top coats of a nice cream color. Once it was completely dry, I sanded down the corners and sides, and it turned out pretty nifty. If you look up how to distress wood on pinterest, there should be a million tutorials. Good luck!

  2. I don't know if I have the guts to distress it. There is just something about taking this wood that is in good shape and doing that... Although it would fit in with the style of the house better-so I might need to resort to that!! My biggest question is what to do with the empty space that won't hold a tv.... Maybe a stick figure portrait??


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