Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Meeting the neighbors.

We've been spending a few days meeting our new neighbors.  Neighbors are new to us as we only had one back in Minnesota and we couldn't see his house at all.  He did a rockin' job playing the drums though...

Bunker was the first to meet the neighbors behind us.  We've nicknamed them Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner-respectively.

And then there was this little party crasher.  Not cool.  The first (and could I hope that it's the last?) scorpion I've ever seen.  After this photo, I smashed him into a zillion pieces.  It wasn't anything that he did, but he's not welcome at my place.  Maybe at the neighbors behind us, perhaps?

We have some human neighbors that seem super nice.  There are lots of dogs in this neighborhood, and I haven't decided if that's a positive thing or not.  Just because you have a dog doesn't mean you have a clue about dogs.  I assume the same could be said with children.   Just sayin'

Mulligan has been helping my unpack.  Apparently packing paper is super comfy.  

 Happy Tuesday!

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