Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Bliss

It's Wednesday and I got to spend it doing this:

Ok- that picture wasn't taken today, but I wore that sweatshirt today so I thought I should use this picture.  Plus it makes me smile because Cally isn't paying any attention to me here and my hair is just plain sexy.  I mean, really sexy and once you add in the super hot sweatshirt-oh baby.  It's no wonder Mr. P can't keep his hands off me.  (Although he did mention something about burning my sweatshirt this morning because he's sick of looking at it...) Agility is so glamorous.

And this:

Ok- I didn't do this, Bunker did this.  He's cute and I'd be silly to not include a picture of his bliss today.  He doesn't ever have to worry about how his hair looks.  Maybe he worries about how his ears flap?  Nah, I doubt it-he's a guy.  They don't worry about stuff like that...

Happy Wednesday!  :)

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