Monday, March 5, 2012

Where in the world was Mr and Mrs P??

Mr. P and I just got back from vacation.  In fact, we got home at about one thirty this morning.  It was wayyyy past my bedtime and I didn't even take a nap in the car.  It might of had something to do with the Excedrin that Mr. P gave me for my headache.  He carries all sorts of stuff in that back pack of his.  Legal type stuff.  Don't get carried away.

Where did we go on vacation and how is that possible--because didn't I just run the Disney Princess Half Marathon?  (which I should dedicate a million more blog posts to-just because)  Since you asked, or have tuned out because you don't care, after running the Princess Half in under my goal of two hours and twenty minutes (are you sick of hearing that yet?)  with my best gal pals, I met Mr. P in Atlanta (soooo romantic meeting in the airport-or not) and we flew to St. Thomas.  We then hopped a ferry (the boat kind) and kissed the sand of St. John.   (not at all like kissing a blarney stone-I know that time of year is coming up)

Why did we go to St. John?  Because Mr. P picked it.  He does good stuff like that.  I'm not sure if he has a  map on a dart board or what, but he doesn't usually steer us wrong.  Except for that Jack Nicholas movie that he picked a billion years ago that was super terrible and horribly disappointing.  But who keeps track of stuff like that?  Certainly not me.  

St. John is a small little island, about nine (although some say seven) miles long and about three miles wide.  There isn't a road that goes all the way around the island.  In fact, two thirds of the island is national park.  That leaves not much room for inhabitants (around four thousand) and guests (including cruise ship people-shudder).  It's known for it's beaches.  Mr. P and I are not known for being beach goers.  Not at all, although we did go to one for about half an hour-just because.  Don't say we don't participate...


So, why would we go to an island that has one of the top ten best beaches in the world??  Ah- we go to swim with the fishes!! Mr. P was silly enough to agree to learn how to scuba dive years ago.  I was smart enough to get us certified before he came to his senses, remembered that he doesn't like water and changed his mind.  Do you want to know the funny thing?  He doesn't like water, but loves to dive.  I'm thrilled that he's had the open mind to give this type of adventure a shot.   Granted he decided this fairly early on in our relationship-so he's probably gotten smarter by now...

An actual picture of an actual beach we were on!

I'll do a few posts about some of the highlights of our trip because I know you're dying to hear all about the tropical vacations that other people take!   Besides that, we really did some pretty cool things and met some super cool people!

But-there's always a but-it's great to be back home!


  1. welcome back. and send me your address at your leisure so i can mail your prize. you are a winner on my blog! you can find my e-mail on in the "contact info" tab on my blog. (genius, right? haha.) congratulations and thanks for the great quote.

  2. I'm hatin' on you a little right now.

    But in a good way....Lucky Ass!!!!!!


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