Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign

I love signs.  Totally love them.  Sometimes I wonder how many people actually READ the signs around them.  There were some signs around St. John that kinda cracked me up.  Yeah, yeah-I know, enough about St. John already.

I always wondered where the 16oz drink originated.  Now I know.  

You can decide if I took advantage of this offer or not! I'll never tell!

This one is my personal favorite:  
Is one because of the other? OR ??
Oh- and another great sign, this is the sign of the Cruz Bay Boutique Hotel.  It's where we stayed on St. John.  It's where you should stay on St. John.  They're awesome.  Enough said!
Pardon the photo-it was dark and with my phone

Do you have a favorite sign???


  1. I think it was the speed humping that caused the children, who are now playing.

  2. love it! speed hump.....on Hump Wednesday!!!


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