Friday, March 2, 2012

The case of the loose toenail

A funny thing happened after that sassy Princess Half Marathon. After I took off my tenny sneakers I noticed that I had a couple of blisters. In five months of training I never got any blisters, so why did they show up on race day? Its a big ol' mystery of the universe. Or it could be related to the new socks I chose to sport that day. Nawww that can't be it. So in true "you shouldn't do that" fashion, I popped them, and wrapped them all super snug in band-aids. I know, blah blah blah,possible infection, blah blah. Let's talk about how totally uncomfortable it it to have blisters between your toes when you're trying to vacation. Some things in life are just not to be tolerated. Blisters in my book are one of them.

While I was performing minor surgery on my blisters, I noticed that the toenail on my left foot is loose. Not the big toenail, the one next to it. When I informed Mr P about this he gave me the "well, quit wiggling it!" What fun is he? It's like a little kid that discovers a loose tooth and then is completely obsessive about getting it out. I might be obsessive like that. Maybe.

I shouldn't have a loose toenail. I need them. I'm not that coordinated and tend to drop stuff. Like the agility seesaw that I dropped on my big toe back in November. You can still see the dark spot from that adventure through my nail polish. I dropped it not only once but twice the same day just for good measure. Brilliant idea.

I've heard that runners loose their toenails. And I've heard that you only loose them if your shoes don't fit properly. I had my shoes fitted but a super duper show fitter person. So-does that mean that I'm ACTUALLY a runner now?? I don't FEEL like a runner. (since everyone's into feelings these days). What does a runner feel like anyway?

See my lovely toes?? :-). Try not to pass out from envy.

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  1. I have yet to experience I black or a loose toenail. Someday..maybe.. :) I think I would spend a lot of time playing with it too!


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