Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meet Eeyore

So at the end of my half marathon training I was really sick of running.  Like, really sick of it.  Run, Run, Run.  It was like a never ending theme.  Go figure.

Now, I'm glad I did it, and I've been out running a few times since then but newest latest and greatest obsession is my new buddy Eeyore.  (I didn't name him-the guy at the bike shop did..who am I to argue?)

No- Eeyore isn't the black dog-that's Mulligan.  Eeyore is my new bike!  And yes, I keep him in the dining room.  Isn't that normal?

I'm excited.  I haven't ridden a bike in a gazillion years.  Not kidding.  I am a gazillion and one years old.  Mr. P has had a bike for a while and I'm so pumped to kick his butt ride with him!

We actually had the bikes out the other day.  (And no, I didn't forget how to ride!)  It was a nice chance for Eeyore and I to bond.

My brain is so important, it needs a bucket.
We still had some snow (which is gone now) but it was a sunny warm day.  Mr. P informed me that you can totally see through the pants I was wearing.  Is that why he was behind me the whole time, or was I faster than him from the start?  And where else have I worn those??? 

I hope Eeyore and I will have many great adventures.  As soon as I buy some padded shorts (non-see through) or build up some callouses on my rumpus!   

Oops, I lost my tail again.....    :)


  1. I've wanted to get a new bike forever! My hubby needs a new one too. Because his is too little for him.....him being a giant and all. But I'd love to go riding on our country roads!
    Maybe someday!

  2. nice bike..,of course you should keep it in the living room.. behind the couch? .. or in the corner by the fireplace ? or maybe in the garage ? .. hmmm? .. now, what is happening with the other big bike??? ..

    1. The other bike is keeping Gus-Gus company in the garage. Maybe I'll take a small engine class with all my new found spare time! :)

  3. My booty gets so sore riding. I figured out that the real discomfort sets in around 6 miles into the ride. Let me know if you find the perfect shorts :) And the brain bucket...GOOD! Wear it! I get so annoyed when I see people riding around with their helmet dangling from the handlebars...It ain't gonna save yer noggin like that!

    Congrats on the new bike :)


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