Monday, March 4, 2013

Western Dressing, but not Western Dressing.

Here is Texas there are a ton of people that dress in western fashion.  In other words western dressing:
How am I going to find a horse to match this?

BUT (there's always a but) they don't have Western Dressing (a common Minnesota staple).  Seriously.  How is this even possible??  I checked all the stores and online and there isn't a bottle within 50 miles of me.  Not funny.  I brought one bottle from the great state of 10,000 lakes.
 But when that was getting low, which didn't take long because I eat a salad with Western dressing almost every day. I started to panic.  I found I could buy it online but it was like $16 a bottle!  What??   I sent an SOS to my mother who hoofed it to the store and sent me three BIG bottles of Western dressing!!  Whoop whoop!!  I'm all stocked up again!!  All's well again in the Prickett household!


  1. Interesting. I've never even heard of western dressing. Is it like an oil dressing? Like italian? I'm intrigued now. Very intrigued.

    1. I think the closest thing to it would be Catalina. It's made by Wishbone and a billion Minnesotans and Wisconsinites grew up on the stuff.... I wonder how much it would be to ship a drum from the manufacturer???

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