Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The missing chicken mystery....

Mr. P was out of town the other night and I was hungry (or bored, or just plain like to eat) and I had a whopping ONE chicken breast left over in the fridge from the night that Mr. P decided to cook AND do the dishes.   I won't brag, but I'm so lucky.  Oh, and him doing the dishes was a direct result of me pointing out that because he didn't line the pan with any aluminum foil there was now enough crud baked on to keep a ship barnacle cleaner busy for a decade.   I decided to put that chicken breast out of it's misery living in my fridge and serve it up as my supper.  I'm super kind that way.

Besides the fact that I can bake practically ANYTHING, I admit that I'm not the best thing that's ever walked into a kitchen.  Not even second best.  Although I like to think that I'm so dang cute (HA!) that my looks instantly improve any room-including the kitchen-they don't necessarily make the food taste good.  A girl can only go so far with that.  (I've tried)

Anywho....  My first thought was to slap ol' Fog Horn Leg Horn on the grill.  Easy. Peasy. And just the amount of clean up that I like to have. (aka-almost none)  The problem was that while the grill physically made the trip from Minnesota, it didn't really fare that well.  In fact, it now has some "extra" pieces and doesn't really want to function in even the barest sense.  So no chillin' while grillin' for me.

My second choice (and the one I totally went for) was to crack out the counter top grill thing that we used to use fairly often back in Minnesota.  Kinda like a George Foreman grill, but the grill plates pop out and totally go in the dish washer.  (Not the Mr. P type of dishwasher.  The other kind, silly.)

awesome grill thingy

 After I slapped my chicken on into the griddle thingy, I busied myself with super important things like Facebook and Pinterest and watching silly cat videos on YouTube.  It occurred to me that I might be burning my precious dinner eats, so I decided to check on my clucker.   This is what I saw:

Chicken MIA
I am not kidding.  (as if I'd kid about supper/food-sheesh)  I freaked.  Do you want to know what my first and only thought was?  I thought I'd cooked it so long it disintegrated.  Seriously.  I thought it just went straight to chicken dust.

And two seconds later it fell from the top plate of the griddle.  It was totally stuck to the top plate.  And I DIDN'T cook it to smitherines. HA!  Take that evil non-baking gremlins of the kitchen!  Cooking success!  It was good.  So good that I shared it with the begging pups.  (I refuse to acknowledge the fact that they'll eat just about anything.  I don't need that kind of rain on my meat cooking parade right now)

chicken cookin' evidence (and I garnished it with a knife!)

So the moral of the story is this: if you're missing your chicken-LOOK UP!!  

And you thought this blog never gave you any useful information....   :)  


  1. omg I got this fantastic visual of you looking super confused at the grill, then PLOP the chicken falls down from the top and you jump and scream a little, and the dogs look up at you like you've grown a third head made out of scooby snacks.

    Made me giggle. lol

    1. I'll never tell if I screamed or not.... ;-)


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